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Introduction to IP Legal Iteration

Andrew Roy Legal

Andrew Roy, who owns and operates IP Legal Iteration, is both a legal research professional and a lawyer. This unique skill set has allowed him to develop an efficient, practical, and complex understanding of what types of information people need. He has read and digested numerous texts on intellectual property, technology law, and civil litigation and has identified what concepts and areas need discussion.

IP Legal Iteration will cover topics from a practical standpoint. It is not meant as a purely academic resource or news service, but as a helpful resource both to legal practitioners and to innovators or business professionals.

IP Legal Iteration makes difficult and complex legal information easy to understand. As the complexity of legal information continues to grow, it is important to facilitate understanding of these difficult concepts. For this reason, this resource is user friendly and easy to use.

The concepts in IP Legal Iteration range from the very detailed for experienced legal practitioners to introductory concepts for those who are non-specialized. It will include note ups of important case law, legislation, and procedure manuals. It will dive deep into complicated concepts. It will discuss new legal developments. In short: IP Legal Iteration is an essential tool for all those who practice or conduct business in intellectual property, technology law, and civil litigation.

IP Legal Iteration covers Canadian law, but will discuss US and EU law when they impact, in some way, Canadian laws, companies, consumers, or cases.

The information in IP Legal Iteration is not legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. If you need legal advice, please reach out to our firm.


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